Optical Gas Imaging

Optical Gas Imaging (OGI) is an innovative thermal imaging technology that utilizes high sensitivity infrared cameras for detecting very small fugitive emissions of industrial gases.

Quest Emissions Services offers certification training forĀ Opgal gas leak detection cameras. The cameras enable the quick and safe detection and visualization of fugitive emissions leaks, allowing you to repair leaks, prevent major damage, and avoid fines. These cameras have been used globally for the past decade and are now recognized by regulators as the best system for emissions reduction.

Read below to find out about our two-day certification course.

Opgal Camera Certification

During a two-day, non-certification class, students will learn how to:

  • set up and operate handheld Opgal optical gas imaging cameras,
  • properly operate and optimally adjust cameras for varying environmental conditions to find gas leaks,
  • and recognize environmental conditions that would make gas leaks easy to find and difficult to find.

Basic infrared theory and heat transfer concepts will also be introduced to build a strong foundation. Students will learn which gases can be found with Opgal camera, as well as leak size limitations.

A key part of this class is lab and/or field practice. Students will learn by doing. They will also observe numerous videos of leaks and what to look for, including thermal contrast, gas plume motion, distance limitations, etc.

Basic inspection procedures will be covered, including equipment checkout, permitting requirements, equipment and reporting concepts.

EyeCGas 2.0 thermal camera
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