No location is impossible

Our Remote & Aerial Services now cover even more ground—literally.
With our expanded drone fleet, we can conduct more thorough and frequent inspections, ensuring the integrity of your assets.

We can access any location that requires an inspection. We use:

  • A team of helicopter, amphibious plane, and drone pilots.
  • Our extensive experience mobilizing lowground-pressure equipment.

High definition video captured with our Aerial Services provides a level of due diligence that cannot be argued with.

  • Right of way verification
  • Identify leaks in tanks and pipelines
  • Leak detection – above and below grade
  • Landowner or public concern or request
  • Vegetation monitoring – verify foliage type as well as encroachment identification (with GPS coordinates) for brushing prioritization
  • Environmental surveys
  • Refineries gas leaks
  • Waterway pollution
  • Underground steam lines
  • Tank level detection and verification
  • Identify equipment anomalies
  • Water and environmental anomaly detection