Bring the most advanced thermal scanning system
in the world to your job site.

Our COVID-19 Thermal Scanning isn’t just about temperature checks; it’s about providing a comprehensive health and safety solution.
With our advanced thermal cameras, we offer real-time monitoring and data analytics to keep your workplace safe and compliant.

Early detection is crucial to keeping people safe, especially in areas like remote sites, construction yards, and camps. Elevated body temperature (EBT) detection provides a non-invasive, no-contact method of detecting heightened temperature that could indicate a fever. This “early warning” allows site personnel to isolate individuals who may be sick, for their protection and the safety of those working in close quarters.

However, current EBT detection is a slow process of scanning one person at a time. How much time are you losing on your site to people standing in line?

Quest Emissions is excited to bring next-level EBT technology to your job site! Opgal’s Therm-App® MD Pro is the only system in the world that can accurately scan a whole crowd at once — up to 20 simultaneous readings!

No more waiting in line! We can scan your entire safety meeting in seconds. We can scan as people are entering the job site, on foot or even driving by in a vehicle! The system’s advanced facial detection algorithm ignores other heat sources and focuses on faces, providing fast, accurate results. This technology can reliably scan an individual or group from a distance (1–8 metres), eliminating the close physical touch-points required by other temperature scanning methods.

Our trained personnel will bring the entire mobile system to your site and handle its operation. They’ll run the scans while you run your business.