Roof and Building Thermography

Our Roof & Building Inspections are now more comprehensive than ever.
With the addition of 3D imaging technology, we can identify issues that are invisible to the naked eye.

Our Certified personnel use advanced Infrared Camera Technology (ICT) to inspect and assess roofs and building envelopes. ICT can detect variances in temperature and moisture, enabling personnel to find:

  • roof problems
  • heat loss
  • electrical problems
  • missing insulation

  • moisture intrusion

  • water damage


Preventative Maintenance

Finding problems in roofs or building envelopes can prevent the problems from getting worse. It can also prevent structural problems, failures, and potential disasters.

ICT inspections provide quality assurance for new builds or renovation projects. Getting an infrared scan before warranties expires is an excellent opportunity to find any hidden problem areas. The same goes for a renovation project – you can put your mind at ease knowing the job was done right.

Planned Maintenance

Knowing the condition of a roof system is the logical starting point for annual repair or replacement budgets. Take a proactive approach to maintenance by making Infrared Thermography (IR) part of planned maintenance. Without it, you’re not getting the “big picture.”